Natural Eco Friendly Wooden House Design by Pb Elemental Architecture

decorative living room ideas

This contemporary wooden house interior was designed for those who love in natural living and care in eco friendly living concept. The simple design of this house will give both comfortable and charm feeling when we were come in. see these decorative living room ideas that complete with black sectional sofa and the couple of arm chairs. Other space from this natural house was the natural house interior decor that completed with the natural dining room furniture. The combination of natural and modern can be seen obviously here. Go on to the next space, we will see the wooden kitchen design plan that decorated in minimalist concept. Using wooden furniture, we will get both style and decorative furniture here. Last but not least, the open plan bathroom design was complete with the mosaic tile bathroom design. Those entire decoration was complete the main concept of this natural house. Now, you can complete your imagination in natural house design trough this modern wooden house design layout.{via}

contemporary wooden house interior

wooden kitchen design plan

natural house interior decor

mosaic tile bathroom design

modern wooden house design layout

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