Mono Office Space


Mono is a well-designed office space created by Charlie Lazor, of Lazor Office and Flatpak House, in collaboration with Mono‘s co-founder Chris Lange.

Here is the project description:

Mono’s uptown Minneapolis location, known for funky shops, eateries and apartments, is the perfect setting for creative genius to sprout. A bold blue door signals its entrance, in a historic building that had sat vacant for almost 20 years. Previously it housed a print shop and car dealership.

Guests are greeted with modern, finished concrete floors that are still covered in flicks of color from the old print shop, and bright white walls, accented with the same blue that greets them from the street. The blue is used for old barn doors that slide open to reveal conference rooms. Work “pods” surround the heart of the office, instead of traditional cubicles.

The agency’s architectural layout reflects its culture, how they interact and collaborate around ideas. In the center of its open-plan space is a sky-lit area nicknamed “the piazza”. The idea was to put all the “community” actions in that piazza. All the printers, fedex boxes, kitchen and gathering areas are there, so you are always passing by the work, displayed on the piazza’s big glass walls. There, everyone—creative directors, designers, account execs, strategists, copywriters—can see work in progress and comment on it. Everyone knows what’s going on.

The idea is as much to encourage inspiration and innovation as it is to discourage egocentricity and turf battles. These walls are all made of frosted glass so there is always a glow from the piazza, a welcoming feature. All conference rooms, bathrooms and storage space is on the outside walls of the agency, pushing the work and creative energy into the center of the community.

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