Modular Urban Home Designs with Wooden Applications and Minimal Landscape

urban wooden home designs

The simple hallway system layouts in this urban home was try to maximize our imagination of home design system include with the application of the home and the room space of the house. We can see directly into this page that the awesome look of this urban home was come from the gorgeous landscaping of this home and the smart application of this residence. The minimal indoor kitchen dining room in this home was look contrast and in-balance with romantic penthouse outdoor dining room. The penthouse dining room that we can see in this page was show the romantic atmosphere included with the beautiful landscaping of surrounded space. The glass candle system that place on the dining table will make the situation being calm and romantic. The modular bathroom space landscape that provided by this page will inspire us to give the best relaxed space for our home space. We can use simple bathroom appliance for this space and it will be inviting. These integrated indoor garden kitchen ideas become the main interest of these urban wooden home designs.[via]

simple hallway system layouts

integrated indoor garden kitchen ideas

minimal indoor kitchen dining room

romantic penthouse outdoor dining room

modular bathroom space landscape

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