Modern Wall Tile Decoration by Fap

colorful kitchen wall tile idea

This unique wall mirror tile design will give new appearance for our home decoration since both design and idea from this decoration was totally unique and extraordinary design. Catch up the glossy wall tile plans from this product and try to combine with your house design idea. Trough this decoration we will get different look and atmosphere since this decoration will be as reflector for our space. Actually, these decorations can be use for both our kitchen and bathroom space. Special for our kitchen area, we can try to apply this colorful kitchen wall tile idea to bring cheerful atmosphere and give spirit when we were cook. This tile can be use for whole kitchen wall included for our kitchen backsplash. The random arrangement will make our kitchen space look retro and fashionable. This decoration was applying soft color application so our kitchen space will be calm and comfortable. Special for bathroom space, the designer Fap already supply this glass bathroom wall tile décor for us. This decoration was conceptually use fresh natural tile design. The white glossy and blue ocean tile combine with glass tile was decorated for this space. Furthermore, this wall was design for both square and long square design so that we can try to combine both of them design to get new look for our home space. So don’t be hesitating to apply this modern wall tile construction.

glass bathroom wall tile decor

glossy wall tile plans

modern wall tile construction

unique wall mirror tile design

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    how can i get printed catalog about your products

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    engineer Mohammed Sayed

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