Modern Spiral Staircase Construction Idea with Wood and Glass Material from Siller Trepen

contemporary spiral staircase construction

These futuristic staircase design ideas was designed for those who have two storey house and want to have prestigious look from a staircase construction. Both design and appearance from this furniture will give new ambience and decoration from our home since these furniture’s were design in spiral shape. Check out this contemporary spiral staircase construction that made from both combination of metal, wooden, and glass material. The spiral line from this furniture was bringing new atmosphere. The wooden side from this furniture will remind us with the back side of snake, or dragon. Actually, the most popular design from spiral staircase was staircase that uses one huge pole in the middle of the round staircase. Here, was one staircase look like that, but the design was more attractive and modern since this staircase was completed with glass material. Other unique staircase plans were the glass spiral staircase idea that the middle side from this furniture was completed with huge glass pole. The construction still uses both wooden and glass material, but the design was more attractive and decorative. As the complement space for your home design, please catch up these modern glass staircase designs from Siller Trepen.

futuristic staircase design ideas

glass spiral staircase idea

modern glass staircase designs

unique staircase plans

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