Modern Practical Bar Cabinet Storage Designs from Isay Weinfeld

modern bar storage cabinet ideas

These modern bar storage cabinet ideas from Isay Weinfeld were designed for those who love to reach their beloved drink from this unique chart. We can see that this cabinet was designed from the compatible material that combines both brown and white color applications as the main decorations. From the whole layouts of this bar cabinet we can see that this storage was completed with several boxes that use to separate the bottle of the drink that we have. We can see clearly that these wooden bar cabinet designs were perfected with the wheels also so that we can move this cabinet based on what we need and our pleasure, the tail that place on the side of this cabinet was use to tie the box to be stay on the line. Clearly we can apply both of the design and ideas that use to make this chart. As the complement, we will see that this modern and practical house accessory was come from the smart thought of unique and applicable. So guys don’t be hesitating to try these practical bar storage decor plans.{via}

practical bar storage decor plans

wooden bar cabinet designs

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