Modern Open Plan Interior Decoration Ideas by Sturgess Architecture

bright glass wall decor

The modern open plan interior designs by Sturgess Architecture will completely review in this article. This side will give several inspirations for those who want to make their house look bright and large. First of all, we have to make sure our fix size from our space. it is important since we have to calculate whole additional stuff size’s. We have to think also about the furniture that will use to make our space look high and large. Better for us to use compatible material and weight of light so that we can use simple material to make the stuff stuck on the wall. Actually, we also can make our house being two storeys building by apply this decorating idea. We can add one free space from our house and can arrange contemporary open plan idea for our kid room. Furthermore, we can use wooden as main material to decorate our house. We can use this material for floor and pole decoration that will help to hold the line. As we can see that the natural wooden decorating ideas will look more awesome since the brown color application was bring new decoration and will lights if this decoration gets the light. One thing for sure, if we want to get a real open plan decoration, better for us to complete our decoration with the bright glass wall décor.

contemporary open plan idea

modern open plan interior designs

natural wooden decorating ideas

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