Modern Luxury Julianne Moore’s House Interior Designs from MADE Architects

small living room plans

This small living room plans from Julianne Moore’s made by MADE Architects house will give several inspiration for both decorating and remodeling our house design. Using simple bit comfortable sofa decoration, this space was completes with both fireplace and piano decoration. If we take a trip surround this house, we will see the elegant office house interior décor that place integrated with the main living room space. The same theme can be seen from the furniture appliance also. The grey color application from this space will catch up our eyes. Go on to the next space, we will get the contemporary kitchen design décor that designed integrated with the dining space. The combination of both modern kitchen furniture and traditional interior brings different atmosphere from this space. if we want more relaxing space, this house was completes with the standing bathtub furniture that located in classic bathroom decor idea. Troughs seeing in detail, we will see that almost the whole space from this house was decorate with fireplace design. Using electricity as the main material, the fireplace also completes the luxury bed room decorating design.

elegant office house interior decor

contemporary kitchen design decor

luxury bed room decorating design

classic bathroom decor idea

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