Modern KFC Fast Food Restaurant Design by PK Arkitektar

modern fast food restaurant design

The modern fast food restaurant design from this restaurant will shows that both modern and quick service can be combining beautifully in this decoration. Catch up from the front line decoration; we will see the concrete restaurant decor idea that built from black boxes that manage in diligent arrangements. Those decorative designs were completed with the pronoun symbol of this restaurant. Actually, this KFC fast food restaurant was designed by PK Arkitektar was try to give new look and design of a fast food restaurant that usually there was no decoration. If we come inside to this restaurant we will see the bright KFC lighting fixtures plan that design from LED lighting fixtures. Whole decoration from this space will give bright scheme and ease the guest to see the menu of this fast food restaurant. If you want to get different atmosphere from a fast food restaurant, come to this new KFC restaurant design and feel the comfortable fast food interior design.

KFC fast food restaurant

bright KFC lighting fixtures plan

comfortable fast food interior design

concrete restaurant decor idea

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