Modern Home Garden Balcony Designs with Unique Minimal Ideas

functional home space ideas

This minimal green rooftop garden was one of the various samples of garden design that we can see in this page. The designer of these garden inspirations was give more than just a simple garden inspiration, but also the humble and applicative system from a home space. This indoor green garden space was look contrast and different with the previous one garden design. That was another garden inspiration from this page. The thing that we have to do if we want to build a garden space for our home space was we know the size of our home and understand the main concept of our garden, it will be an outdoor or indoor garden say for example.
Uses the hanging pots and planters will be suitable for those people who are have a very small living space. In my point of view, we were have to feel free to express our personality and ideas so that our living space will be the real us. These steel constructions garden and balcony designs were the complex sample of garden combination. We can use another material to change the steel material and we can use our own concept for our beloved garden. This modern home garden and balcony was dedicated for those who were life in an urban living space such as an apartment. The functional home space ideas of this living space were can be seen in this unique balcony garden rooftop.[via]

indoor green garden space

minimal green rooftop garden

modern home garden and balcony

steel constructions garden and balcony designs

unique balcony garden rooftop

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