Modern Garren Residence in Oregon

PIQUE house architecture ideas

Complete your wild house imagination trough these PIQUE house architecture ideas. The urban side that completes this house was designed to combine with the natural space that surrounds this house. Use the natural materials, this modern house by PIQUE Architect will bring you to the real experience of natural living concept. From the front line of this house, will see the contemporary entrance door designs that welcome us with the brown color nature of wooden material. Complete with the glass side material, in front of this door also complete with the natural green plants. Coming inside to the first room, we will surprise with the living room leather sofa decor that complete the urban living of this house. The arrangement of the ornaments and the simple decoration combines with the modern glass table will comfort us when were enjoy this space. As the link side of first floor and the second floor, we will escorts with the modern staircase designs ideas that built in construction of metal and wooden material. Located in Oregon, these outdoor Garren Residence layouts will give you first imagination.

contemporary entrance door designs

living room leather sofa decor

modern staircase designs ideas

outdoor Garren Residence layouts

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