Modern Futuristic Globe Installations as Ceiling Decorations

futuristic globe installation designs

The brilliant globe installation project in this ceiling decoration was show both unique and creative look of home accessory. Actually, the main point of this installation was come from lighting fixtures inspirations and tries to change the concept of usual furnishing inspiration. The blue color scheme of this installation will make our home space look dynamic. When we were looking down into one of this picture we will see the suitable place that will look amazing through this application was lobby space from a hotel or office. Looking down the artistic ceiling applications system that provide by this installation was a real expression of world condition. It was a real globe; the different was places on the design of the installation stuff. This globe use small cube box as the main installation and combine those box being in one installation. The futuristic globe installation designs were clearly can be seen in this application. Look huge and weight was the first impression of this globe installation. Even look big and mostly impossible to realize, now we can see the real condition of this installation through these modern indoor decorations ideas.[via]

brilliant globe installation project

modern indoor decorations ideas

artistic ceiling applications system

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