Modern Front Wall Design of Zara Fashion Store in London

decorative zara face decoration

This contemporary fashion store interior was design from the fashionable layout of the fashion store itself. Using old color inspiration, this futuristic decoration can be look from the front line of this fashion store. Other supporting decoration from this modern store was the stylish glass door decor ideas that will welcome us when were come in. that decoration was complete the modern style of this fashion store. The architect HI-MACS thought that if we built a fashion store we have to thought about the first impression of the fashion store also so that the reason why the architect was built with different look for the front layout of this londont zara fashion store. Located in the corner side of a big mall in London, the decorative zara face decoration was complete with the set of mannequin and the bright lighting that support the inside layout to be can be seen clearly and inviting. If you were come to London, don’t miss to come to this modern fashion store and see how modern fashion store wall design was.

contemporary fashion store interior

londont zara fashion store

stylish glass door decor ideas

modern fashion store wall design

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