Modern Fireplace Designs to Warm Your Home During Winter

Modern Fireplace Designs to Warm Your Home During Winter

Modern Fireplace Designs

Fireplaces are one of the most commonly outdated features within a home. Sometimes a home that has been renovated, remodeled, or redecorated will still have the same fireplace that it had when the house was first built. Changing the appearance of a fireplace can give a room the cohesion that it may be lacking.

Overhanging Mirrors

Placing a mirror above a fireplace can eliminate wasted wall space, all the while adding a tasteful contemporary feature to the room. Don’t forget to have some fun in selecting a mirror; there are many impressive and unexpected mirror designs to choose from.

Black Slate

The modern use of black slate can add drama to a fireplace, making it a focal point. Painting the area surrounding the fireplace can cleverly compliment the dark slate. Arranging candles inside of a fireplace or around the base can help you add warmth and personal style.

Mosaic Tile

Adding mosaic tile to a fireplace is a perfect way to tie in colors from the rest of the home and add a personal touch. You can choose to cover the fireplace evenly with all of the same types of tiles, or even mix and match different sizes and shades to achieve a funky or ornate effect.

Any of these fireplaces could help give your home a makeover, as well as enrich the overall style of a room.

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