Modern Fast Food Interior Decorating Ideas in Hamburg, German

modern interior decor

Catch up the simple fast food decorating ideas from Wake-Waku Restaurant that designed from simple design inspiration. Using wooden instrument and concrete material combination, this restaurant was try o give both comfortable and friendly atmosphere for their customer. Designed from Ippolito Fleitz Group, both interior and exterior aspect from this fast food dining room design was using natural material application. Completed with simple color application, this restaurant was design with several spaces that will bring their customer in enjoyable sense when they were diner or lunch here. Since this restaurant was apply from natural material so that the sustainable eating set design was produce from that idea also. as the complete space for both eat and gathering, this restaurant was supported with hide dining space, open plan dining space and café, and last but not least a modern bar design idea. As the complete best restaurant in German, this restaurant was design with diligent designer that present the modern interior décor.

modern bar design idea

simple fast food decorating ideas

fast food dining room design

sustainable eating set design

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