Modern Emerald Residence with Minimalist Living Space Exterior

modern slim Emerald Residences

This comfy blue outdoor pool was places on the rooftops side of this residence and close with the comfortable rooftop terrace space. Those two spaces were integrated and use the similar theme and concept. The designer of this place was introduce to the society that the different side of a thing can be look nice if we were understand and know on how to combine and make theme corporate perfectly. When we were look out the whole conceptual and main design of this building, we were become realize that this residence was covered with colorful style on the rooftop and side space of the building.
The gorgeous performance of this emerald residence become interesting since the designer of this place combine the modern style of the building with the minimalist application for the decorations. It was one of the most modern slim Emerald Residences that build-up in this earth. Even the main concept of this place was futuristic and modern but, the architect of this space was still combining the wooden material as the natural material to balance the modern tastes of this building. This minimal view residence interior was completely covered the entire side and space of this residence and through those minimal interior and modern combination of the building construction, now we were invite to see this minimalist living space landscaping.[via]

comfortable rooftop terrace space

comfy blue outdoor pool

minimal view residence interior

minimalist living space landscaping

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