Modern Demeulemeester Shop Design with Unique Building Construction

unique modern store designs

The unique modern store designs that we can see in this post will give us more than just an inspiring ideas of a store or a fashion shop. The unique and applicative design of this modern demeulemeester shop will show to us that there is something special and creative in this modern era. The unusual thing from this shop can be seen from the green and clean building exterior that apply the walk-in garden. The green layout of the exterior space from this building is show the eco-friendly thought of the design and the owner of this shop. [via]

spiral style entrance staircase

nice glass wall application

green and clean building exterior

Mainly, it’s like a showroom for fashion stuff. There are so many fashion stuff places in this modern demeulemeester shop. Started with the green and clean exterior, our attention will be change with modern Demeulemeester shop interior that completely apply the white interior plan for shop. Looking contrast is can be seen from both indoor and outdoor space of this shop, clearly.

modern demeulemeester shop interior

white interior plan for shop

unique indoor interior planner

Moreover, the use of nice glass wall application and spiral style entrance staircase in the inside space of this shop is show the dynamic style of the shop. All of the application system that show the youthful spirit of humanity can be enjoy in this modern demeulemeester shop. Want to shop and get something different? Come in and enjoy every single space of this shop, don’t waste your time!

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