Modern Decorative Concrete House Decorating Ideas by A-cero Architect

open plan living room ideas

A-cero Architect tries to give the open plan living room ideas for our house interior design. This first room completes with combination of glass construction and natural furniture decor. The open plan concept of this house completes with the bright lighting directly from the outside space of our house. Other inspirational decoration was the red minimalist kitchen design that tries to give different appearance from our usual kitchen space. This space supported with the fashionable design of the kitchen table and kitchen stool. Go on to other decorating ideas, we can try to apply this decorative wooden staircase design as a link space to the second floor. This classic design smoothly combines with the modern design will give different look and experience for the user. Actually, open plan decoration idea can be apply in bed room also. Here we can see the comfortable bed room decorating that use glass material as the wall construction. This side will give more bright lighting so that the open plan design was totally complete. Need something fresh? Don’t be hesitating to try this outdoor wooden swimming pool decor as a place to relax and enjoy the sun bathing activity.

decorative wooden staircase design

red minimalist kitchen design

comfortable bed room decorating

outdoor wooden swimming pool decor

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