Modern Country House Designs Idea with White Interior Ideas from Stevens Lawson Architects

modern country house pictures

Clean and modern that was the front appearance from this green outdoor garden décor. Decorate with the huge palm tree, the green space from this house was arranged in diligent idea and management. The space was totally covered with green fresh atmosphere in this garden. Furthermore, the outdoor pools designs idea was design with small tile that neatly arrange surround the pool side. The fresh water can be seen clearly from the top side of this pool. Come inside to the house space, we will see the decorative living room design that design in orange color atmosphere and use huge plasma TV as entertainment space from this side. The furniture stuff from this space was diligently thought in modern look and touch. Other space from this house was décor in minimalist white interior plans that use blank and white application. Other minimalist theme can be seen from the furniture look and the arrangement of the furniture. Designed from Stevens Lawson Architects, this article will show several modern country house pictures from them.

decorative living room design

minimalist white interior plans

green outdoor garden decor

outdoor pool designs idea

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