Modern Contemporary Outdoor Glass Table Design from Vito Sema

wooden outdoor furniture decor

Designed by Vito Sema, this outdoor table furniture idea designed in decorative concept and specializes for outdoor decoration idea. Using natural wooden, this wooden outdoor furniture décor was designed in unique design. If we see the detail wooden design from this furniture we will see that this furniture was decorate in folded idea. The wooden decoration from this furniture shaped in stripe line and tries to combine one and other to be related and can be stand. Those combinations will result a round wave shape and give new style of your both outdoor and indoor decoration. Using glass material as the top side of this furniture, the entire layout of the artistic glass table plans from this furniture will bring new contemporary atmosphere for your decorating idea. We can place this furniture in the centre of our space so that this furniture can be the centre of attention for our guest. If you were need something different contemporary design, this modern glass table designs was advisable.

outdoor table furniture idea

modern glass table designs

artistic glass table plans

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