Modern Contemporary Concrete House Design in Glenwood Residence, Texas

natural concrete house design

Located in Glenwood Residence, Texas this natural concrete house design designed by use two living concepts that want to try. Both natural and concrete house was combine smoothly in one harmony living. At first time we come to this house we will welcome by a great stone wall decoration that combines with wooden door decoration. Come inside to this house we will see a white decorative glass decorating ideas that completed living room space and outdoor swimming pool. Other decorative idea from this house was the wooden staircase construction idea that use as a link space from first floor to the second floor. This decoration was design in sectional theme that stuck on the wall so that this space can be use as the wall decoration from the entire appearance of this concrete house. Other relaxing space from this house was the comfortable bathroom design that completed with the white bathtub decoration and other bathroom furniture in the same theme. Completed with mirror decoration, this space was look larger than the real size. As the complement decoration for this natural concrete house design, the architect Wernerfield Architect completes this house with the contemporary marble flooring decor.

contemporary marble flooring decor

white decorative glass decorating ideas

wooden staircase construction idea

comfortable bathroom design

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