Modern Condo Interior Design Ideas for Small Budget

stylish condo interior design

This stylish condo interior design was designed for those who want to get a beautiful apartment with a small budget. Whole space of this house was applied with the simple decoration that built with low price. Need an example? Check out the space saving integrated living room ideas that combine with both kitchen space and dining area. Both of that space was completed with the wooden material that will show our friendly personality. Using bubble wall divider, we will link with the spiral stair to go to the second floor. On the second floor we will see the small bed room interior plans that complete with both clean and calm bedding decoration. Apply with the high glass window; this space was cover with a high curtain decoration also. Need a place to relax? Come to the small family room and enjoy the modern wall fireplace decor from this condo. The architect 30e Design was place the entire ornaments of this condo in both neat and diligent arrangement. Need a personal relaxation space? Try to go the bathroom and enjoy the contemporary bathroom condo design.

space saving integrated living room ideas

small bed room interior plans

modern wall fireplace decor

contemporary bathroom condo design

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