Modern Concrete House Design with Super Natural Decoration

calm backyard space landscaping

A living space is one of the most important things in this world. People are going to see and get some inspiring thing to build a living space. According to that statement, this modern concrete house design try to give us inspiring design and inspiring interior. The nice landscape of this house is showed from both indoor and outdoor side of this house. Let’s see closer and get an inspiring thing here. Hopefully, the real journey of this modern concrete house level design will be useful and actual. [via]

concrete house blue print

beautiful house lighting fixtures

minimal view concrete house interior

The super natural concrete house ideas are showed by the outdoor side of this house. Some landscape of this house that catches the scene of the outdoor space is completed with the green landscaping. The green and fertile location of this house is support the natural concept of this house too. This modern concrete house design will let us to know more than just the outside space, guys. We can enjoy the full package tour of this house started from the living room until the bathroom side.

modern concrete house level design

wooden corridor furnishing plans

dark bedroom furnishing imaginations

simple modern residence inspiration

super natural concrete house ideas

Outside space of this house is covered by the green grass and another natural things while the inside space of this house is apply the minimal view concrete house interior. Event use the modern concept as the complement of modern concrete house design , but the whole complete of both modern natural and modern still can be seen here. This wooden corridor furnishing plans are the real sample of both modern and natural combination.

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