Modern Concrete House Design Ideas in Somosaguas, Madrid

glass material decorating ideas

This modern concrete house design was design for those who love to stay in different house design. Whole decoration from the outside until inside of this house was trying to combine with both modern and functional site of a house. Actually, the futuristic concrete construction plans from this house can be seen from the first impression of this house itself. We can see from the whole layout and shape of this house that trying to apply new future design. Using glass material decorating ideas this concrete house was try to give different point a view from a house. House was not only as a place to relax but also as a place to translate human need and pleasure and personality. From the entire appearance of this house we will know that the owner was try to complete the part of a modern design with the combination of color system and house design itself in one art decor. The A-cero Architect was try to persuade the society trough this decorative white house decorating.

decorative white house decorating

modern concrete house design

futuristic concrete construction plans

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