Modern Casa Table Lamps Shades from CB2

artistic table lamps shades

These modern rattan table lamp designs from CB2 will give us different atmosphere since the whole ornaments of this furniture was design to comfort us when we were use this furniture decoration. The simple arrangement of this furniture will remind us with the natural side of live. Rattan material that us to make this furniture were the best rattan and made from the true rattan. One thing for sure, the second side of this furniture was cover with a transparent paper that will give warm lighting from the lamp. These unique desk lamps were describing your warm and friendly person since all of the appearance of this furniture shows both simple and natural decoration. Combine in two different colors, both brown colors from rattan material and white from the paper will give different ambiance for our house space. Special for those who love in natural living that combine in modern style designs, these artistic table lamps shades will beautify not only your living solace but also your bedroom space.

modern rattan table lamp designs

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