Modern California House with Futuristic Planner

blue print of california roll house project

This blue print of California roll house project will let us know how the main point of this house construction. Try to looking for a new conception of a house as a living space? This review will be the right answer, hopefully. First of all, try to know the concept of our own house. It can be a modern one or a classic one, or we can combine both modern and classic one. This modern California house design is one of flexible house design. We can combine with the classic and contemporary event thought the main design is modern. [via]

clean and clear california roll house interior

futuristic outdoor staircase landscape

minimalist living space inspiration

The modern taste of this house is balanced with minimalist living space inspiration and through this entire modern house design picture we can see those combination blend in one spirit. This modern California house design will give more than just a spirit of modernism but also the spirit of blending and integration include with the working out togetherness between the whole spirit of the house concept. The color tone of the house is tried to make our mind think about the modernism itself and make us know that a modern concept is a simple concept.

white California roll house plans

slim and small California house building

simple exterior california roll house

modern house design picture

Beside the modern style of this house, this futuristic outdoor staircase landscape is also try to combine the ultra modern style of the staircase become the balance side for this place. Those nice combinations will be nicer if we can give such nice additional decoration. Just try to make something new with some simple stuff and let’s see what will happen with our living space. The interior have to be integrate with the surrounded space too so that the landscape of the house will be perfect. Let’s find something new in this modern California house design inspiration.

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