Modern Apollo House Designs with Black and White Interior

beautiful apollo house landscaping

There is no significant meaning of Apollo but, through look around these entire beautiful Apollo house landscaping we can see that this house is similar with mountain house concept. This modern Apollo house design is similar with the mountain house but, there is still some different between those two Apollo house and mountain house. The Apollo house is can be build on city space or in suburban house too while the mountain house is mostly places close to the mountain or on the hillside. The nice back yard landscaping that we can see in this living space is show the combination of modern and natural side of the Apollo house. [via]

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black and white apollo house interior

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Beside that modern natural backyard, this black and white Apollo house interior is another unique thing of this building. Actually, the black color tone of this house is not completely black because the main color tone from the designer is chocolate or brown. Unfortunately, the brown or chocolate color tone is uses the dark color application so that the performance of show the black style. Event the color tone is dark, but the humble and contemporary style of the color is still can be seen. This modern Apollo house design is completely suitable for almost land space and land condition.

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delicious dark chocolate bedroom interior

nice back yard landscaping

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modern apollo house renovation

Before this house becomes this modern Apollo house, the condition of this house is old and the performance of this house is the nice performance from the modern Apollo house renovation. Several part of this house is new while another part of this modern Apollo house design is still keep in original. The taste of the house is completely different from the usual house design and through this review we can see the complete inspiration of this house include with the minimal view modern house ideas.

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