Mint House


Epitaph transformed an 35 year old house located in Iwate, Japan, into a loft style house with one big family room.

Here is the project description:

This project is a reform of the house of 35 years old. This house is an one-storied house. The structure is a light gauge steel.

The owner hoped to us for removing the partition wall that became unnecessary by the change in the family structure, and making one big room. We secured a bigger space by exposing the truss of the ceiling with the removal of the partition wall.

The finish material of the space that became one was changed according to the layout of old times. However, neither the structure nor the window have been changed. Because we tried to tie the past of the owner and a new space.

Sunlight from the window and the light of the lighting obscure the boundary. It help the connection of time and the connection of the space.

Toilet and lavatory and bathroom and hall are walled. All other spaces are connecting but the bedroom can be partitioned with the sliding door.

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