Minimalist FB Home Design Constructions

exciting FB house constructions

The exciting FB house constructions that we were seen on exterior landscape of this house was show up the common design of simple home with modern furnishing thought. The concrete material that uses to construct this home was come from the best structure of this world. Combine with metal construction for the bone of this home; we will see the strong building with plain application. The exterior layout of this home was completed with the corridor layouts that use the open air construction. We can looking out on these minimalist white home photograph that show up those complete pictures. Even using modern ideas for the building management, but the designer still try to care of nature side so that on the surrounded space of this home we will see the beautiful garden space included with the green and eco-friendly thought. The top side of this home can be use as the penthouse garden or an outdoor dining room if we want. These pictures below were showing up the complete evidence of this slim and strong modern home design.[via]

minimalist white home photograph

slim and strong modern home design

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