Mamasan Bar, Restaurant & Club


Curious Design & Architecture projected the first asian fusion tapas bar in Glasgow, Scotland, with wall murals by New York graphic designers Omnivore.

This venue comprises a 6 bed boutique Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, which becomes a Club later in the evening. The venue is ideally suited to attract a wide audience�ranging from students, the business community and city centre shoppers.

The Hotel offers a personal but friendly service to visitors. Each room has its own distinct feel owing to the physical characteristics of the building.

The brief for the Bar was to complement the offering of East Asian�tapas, so we drew on references from Japan, China and Thailand. This�is seen through the use of highly glossed black lacquered tables,�black ash chairs and Bar front which carries a slashed motif�reminiscent of traditional bamboo screens. Chinese lanterns add a�decorative touch but there have been enveloped in black perspex�cubes, which gives them added value. We directed a photo shoot of a�naked Geisha to add a dramatic and sensual talking point within the�venue.

This Victorian Terrace enjoys a presence off the street with two�entrances, one serves the Hotel, and the second leads you down to the�basement where Mamasan is situated. The benefit is that the Bar and�Hotel, although linked, can operate independently which gives the�client some flexibility with his operation.

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