Luxury Hilton Hotel with Conceptual Constructions in Pattaya

beautiful exterior planer hotel space

Look at this beautiful exterior planer hotel space probably become our delicious appetizer before we were going inside of this luxury hotel in Pattaya. Located close with the beach, the architect of this building accidentally design a limitless swimming pool to make such as combination and continuity landscaping from both swimming pool and beach side. One thing for sure, blue scheme still can be seen here so that it was integrated and combine perfectly. The unlimited outdoor swimming pool that accidentally to make such as integration between the modern building and nature atmosphere was completed with the beautiful pool side decoration. Look green and sustainable become un-tie relation between poolside decoration and the surrounded atmosphere. Through these super comfy poolside applications we can see a great architectural design of public space with private and personal taste. Both decoration and furniture arrangement of this building was awesome. The unique waving wooden constructions in this hotel was indicate and try to remind the calm and comfy atmosphere of the beach that located close by. This luxury Hilton Pattaya hotel project was started with conceptual Hilton hotel designs.[via]

conceptual Hilton hotel designs

luxury Hilton Pattaya hotel

super comfy poolside applications

unlimited outdoor swimming pool

unique waving wooden constructions

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