Luxury Artistic Stockholm Apartment Design and Interior

artistic city downtown apartment designs

An artistic city downtown apartment designs that we can seen in this site have a high class of living space style and we can have the similar style of the interior and color combination through brave enough to try and apply. This Stockholm apartment design will inspire us from the living room until the end space of this apartment and we will see the luxury Stockholm apartment ideas here.[via]

black and white apartment interior

A black and white apartment interior is the usual home interior around the world and in this Stockholm apartment design , the white and black interior become the main point interest of this living space. The combination of both black and white is become the interpretation of life. There is good and bad, light and dark, and clean and dirty. Event the philosophy of black and white is high but the performance of this interior is simple and we can apply that application for our home living space.

chocolate kitchen apartment furnishing

luxury Stockholm apartment ideas

Another color style interior for this Stockholm apartment design is chocolate kitchen apartment furnishing. Its look nice and contrast but, the main spirit of artistic still can be seen here. There is several color combination of both wall space and home furniture that show the contradiction but stay in one harmony. Properly, we can use more than one color combination and we will get the colorful home interior but this space is based on Stockholm so that the color combination have a rule.

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