Luxury Apartment Interior Design in Heraklion, Greece

luxury apartment interior design

This decorative dining room furniture was place in the middle space of this luxury apartment interior design. The combination of natural material and diligent arrangement will bring luxury atmosphere for this house design. The simple arrangements of this house will bring an extraordinary atmosphere since the whole furniture that use to fill in just simple furniture. The different is the placement of the furniture. Come to this apartment, we will welcome with a comfortable living room that close to the wooden kitchen furniture plans. Both of that space was integrated and arrange in same theme. Next space was the modern integrated master bed room decor that deign side by side with the whirlpool bathtub. The architect TECTUS DESIGN Interior tries to separate this space trough apply a bright glass wall. This luxury apartment also completes with a public luxury bathroom interior ideas that place close to the kitchen space and living room. This space was complete with the wash basin decoration in the same theme. Since designed for the young executive, this apartment completes with a Futuristic work space ideas.

wooden kitchen furniture plans

decorative dining room furniture

modern integrated master bed room decor

luxury bathroom interior ideas

Futuristic work space ideas

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