Luxury Ames Hotel Development by Rockwell Group

modern front office hotel ideas

This luxury ames hotel development by Rockwell Group was present was presented for those who love to relax and enjoy the day in calm way. When we were come to the front office, we will see the modern front office hotel ideas that completed with the stylish front desk that made from stainless steel. Complete with the simple decoration, the luxury style can be seen from the whole decoration and interior idea. Go on to the next space, we will see the white hotel interior design from other space from this hotel decoration. This space was completed with the set of leather sofa and luxury chandelier. Here we can enjoy the international dish at elegant dining room interior design that with classic furniture. Those decoration look romantic since the architect was combine the classic idea with warm lighting fixtures. As the main hotel product, this Ames hotel was providing a comfortable bed room decorating.{via}

luxury ames hotel development

white hotel interior design

elegant dining room interior design

comfortable bed room decorating

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