LLOVE; A Distinctive Hotel in Tokyo with Romantic with Pretty Boutique Hotel Interior Inspirations

clean and green hotel decorations

The clean and green hotel decorations combine contemporary Japanese hotel decorations were perfectly combine with the distinctive character of a hotel design and an extraordinary plans of a hotel room. The capacity of this lodge room was for two people and absolutely for a couple. They were will feel such as new couple after getting married when they were enjoys this space. The romantic application that use by the designer was thought green idea also so that here we will see the eco-friendly LLOVE lodge decor that covering almost the free space of the hotel. Looking down into this site we will see the unique bed set that use the rectangle shape and hang on one of the wall space. That furnishing was tried to cover the wall space and uses as a wall decals. Those distinctive hotel room design ideas were covering with the white stone and make the entire look of this room being gorgeous and inviting to come. Catch up this romantic hotel room design in LLOVE hotel room in Tokyo.[via]

contemporary  Japanese hotel decorations

distinctive hotel room design ideas

eco-friendly LLOVE lodge décor

LLOVE hotel room in Tokyo

romantic hotel room design

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