Line to Line Modern Temporary Installation Ideas from Phillip K. Smith

modern dimensional structure ideas

See these unique temporary installation designs was one the most attractive design since the whole design of this installation will remind us with kids toys called spin. The slim shape and decorative shadow from this modern installation was cover in orange color in left small horizontal line in the middle space. Actually, this modern three dimension line was has four line that if we see from one side this installation was only have three side. Moreover, the body line of this installation was designed from Polystyrene, Styrospray, and Latex Paint materials. Those materials were decorated close to the line and give small line in every range of this stuff. If we see this stuff in a second we will see that this furniture was look decorated from wood, but the fact was this stuff decorated from modern material that can be similar with natural material. This polystyrene installation décor by Phillip K. Smith was perfectly designed for those who love to collects something extraordinary stuff from over the world, so trough their stuff they were invest their wealth. They show off their prestigious trough the modern dimensional structure ideas.

modern three dimension line

polystyrene installation decor

unique temporary installation designs

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