Les Bains des Docks by Jean Nouvel


The aquatic complex Les Bains des Docks, desigend by architect Jean Nouvel, has just opened in the historical Port of Le Havre, France.

The 5.000 square meter complex offers an beautiful atmosphere of tranquility with the fantastic play of natural light soothing the eyes, the masterful acoustic pleasing the ears, and the pools and treatments areas taking care of the rest of the body.

Although the main color of the complex is white, there is a huge semi enclosed area in bright colors that help minimize echoing and sound carriage, as do the varying-height floors and ceiling, and the acoustic false ceilings.

Saunas, cold and hot baths, and a spa area with hydromassage and aquagym areas complete the atmosphere of pampering and care. An external lagoon makes the summer use of the complex even more appealing.

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