La Muñeca


Oglo is a French Architecture and Landscape office who won the 1st price of the 2011 Allariz Garden Festival with La Muñeca.

Project description:

Whatever culture fashion is part of, whatever time and place it refers to, its essence finds its roots in the characteristics of the human body. Only the being’s dimensions and proportions matter. Its peculiarities, its flaws, its disadvantages are sublimed by creation and become the assets, the basis, the nourishing roots of fashion. They structure its path, define its substance, and guide its function. Static and still when unworn, fashion transforms itself; it evolves in space once inhabited. It also shelters life. It takes over, welcomes and protects it. Once wrapped around the being, fashion, lifeless until then, comes alive.

After going across a thin plant screen, we slowly walk down through the flowers and the soil. An internal world is revealed; its soft curves cocoon and guide us. The plants offer as many smells as they do colors. Our senses are excited. We wrap ourselves into space towards the image of our condition, towards the structuring signal. Further below, sheltered from any hazard, we are taken in the center of the symbol and, unscathed, we contemplate.

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