Kinetic Art Table


These are the work of art tables made from using Sisyphus sculpture technology that works its magic to keep on creating, erasing and recreating mind-boggling patterns continuously on well-designed coffee table tops! If there’s anything that defines creativity, they do. And the best thing is that like mp3 files, you can choose the design paths you want or let the two-motor robot create its own at random.

Made from tempered glass-topped metal table, these Sisyphus kinetic sculptures have broken traditions and taken the level of table manufacturing to new heights. Putting them in your interiors is a good way to give them a refreshing change. Put these hardwood coffee tables with an apple ply base anywhere in your interiors, they will not fail to take the center stage.

These three-foot steel coffee tables with cherry veneer on the top and side options will give new meaning to your coffee drinking experience that you may not have ever had before. Watch the creative designs as they form, have your coffee sips and feel the meditative feeling run through you.

There may be many hardwood coffee tables but these, hardwood four feet coffee tables, the marvel of Sisyphus kinetic sculpture are to be looked at to learn how creative can be stretched. The great thing about them is that as they can be programmed to give different patterns, they’ll retain their newness for times to come. The more you say about them the less it will be.

This CNC machined hardwood coffee table padauk furniture is just the thing you would want to give a royalty to your interiors. The material used is of high-quality and designs getting created on its lighted glass top give it the oceanic effects. If these tables won’t tickle your fancies nothing will. They are a treat to watch and a prize to have for anyone.




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