Jewelry Studio, Art Gallery And Family Home


CSAR Architecture transformed an existing building in the center of Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Netherlands, into a modern jewelry studio and art gallery on the ground floor and family home on the first and second floor.

Here is the project description:

An existing jewellery studio and art gallery in the centre of the village of Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel has been transformed into a modern space which suits the art and jewellery. The family home, on the first and second floor, has been extended and modernized as well. A connection, on two levels, between the house and the garden house has been established which makes the garden house part of the house.

The owner makes her own jewellery, sometimes on demand. She also gives workshops in the studio and different artists can expose their art in the gallery.
The new display window of the gallery is adjusted to the scale of the jewellery. The window consists of several wooden boxes which each have their own lightning. Through the boxes there’s view on the street and the gallery, but at the same time it provides a feeling of privacy as it is not a complete glass façade.

The floor plan has been transformed. By adding the garden house to the existing house, as well as extending the house, CSAR was able to create an exiting new floor plan which had to deal with height differences, existing stairs and existing windows.

As a contrast to the boxes that stick into the façade on the ground floor, one big “box” sticks out of the façade on the first floor. The windows inside of it give a great view on the street from the living room. The inside is also being used as a place to sit on.
The whole exterior has been plastered to cover the different types of brickwork and damages. The new doors and windows in the back façade make sure there’s a lot of light in the house and a nice garden view.

The style of the interior is a modern basis with many build in elements combined with designer furniture, art and homemade elements.

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