Jackie Su Urban Thai Restaurant Interior Design in Bremen, Germany

decorative glass divider idea

Located in Bremen, Germany this jakie su thai restaurant decoration was design by apply several Thai culture that combine with the Japanese culture. See the details of this architect decoration and feel how both of that culture was combining smoothly in one space decoration. Using several natural materials, this modern urban restaurant design was design in diligent arrangement and neatly ornaments decoration. From the front line of this restaurant we will see both comfortable and charm decoration. Complete with the decorative glass divider idea, the decorative space of this restaurant will look so great and calm. The glass decoration was use as the reflector stuff to give the bright lighting form the LED lighting fixtures. Combine with the concrete structure constructions, the urban thai restaurant interior was look extraordinary since both wooden and LED lighting was combine in one attractive combination. Designed by RAUMINRAUM, whole decoration of this restaurant was completed with the simple Thai restaurant dining room.

jakie su thai restaurant decoration

modern urban restaurant design

simple Thai restaurant dining room

urban thai restaurant interior

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