Integrated Modern Apartment Interior Design in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

modern living room apartment decor

Trough the modern living room apartment decor, we will welcome with the modern furniture and stylish decoration of this modern apartment. The design of this apartment will embrace our personality and give different experience since the whole shape of this integrated apartment was very comfortable and charm. Go on to the other space of this apartment, we will found a simple kitchen design and dining room that design in Chinese ethnic and other contemporary decoration. The integrated kitchen space and dining room will give space saving idea and maximize the function of the apartment design itself. Next space is the contemporary bed room design idea that place close to the high window. This placement was thought the maximize function of solar energy to bright the whole space of this room. Using the floral bedding decorations, we can get a natural sense of this space. The architect HEAD Architecture and Design tries to combine the bedroom space with the decorative bathroom interior design in this integrated apartment.

simple kitchen design and dining room

decorative bathroom interior design

contemporary bed room design idea

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