Inspiring Home Hallway and Corridor System with Minimalist Decorations

direct house hallway decor

All of this inspiring home hallway and corridor was show both identical and character of the owner of the house. This translucent glass hallway was interpret the low profile character of the owner and give extra look for the house space. That was suitable for those who have small residence. The nice pentagonal hallway designs were try to maximize the sectional space of the house and make it look balance with building design and site system of the house architectural system. The simple minimal house hallway of these pictures was looking practical and we don’t need to add several application system. That was advisable for those who love with some simple and applicative. Using gold tiles for hallway system and traditional wooden flooring system for our hallway or corridor or entrance space probably will make our limited space look special and inviting our guest to come up. It was our first space and it was our character interpretation. The direct house hallway decor in this page was indicating the whole hallway system inspirations. Through these wooden outdoor corridor plans we were be able to see the white hallway as exterior decorations and minimalist residence corridor inspirations.

gold tiles for hallway system

inspiring home hallway and corridor

minimalist residence corridor inspirations

traditional wooden flooring system

simple minimal house hallway

nice pentagonal hallway designs

wooden outdoor corridor plans

white hallway as exterior decorations

translucent glass hallway

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