Innovative Table Lamp Designs by Daphna Isaacs

functional lamp design ideas

The functional lamp design ideas in this review will give us small space for storage our accessory. The small space that designed to complete this lamp perfectly makes this home accessory look more decorative and functional. Clearly we can try to place this lamp in our bedside or our wall unit. The attractive style of this lamp makes us feeling easy to place. The color application of this lamp also make us can be easy to mix and match with our house theme. Look at the innovative table lamp shades designs that combine the using of porcelain and wood as the main material to make. The soft real color system from both porcelain and wood make this lamp look natural. Available in various style and function, we can choose both table lamp and standing lamp to complete our house. Completely, this unique porcelain lamp idea was safe for our kids, so we can feel secure even though they were play around. Perfectly, trough the functional side and the real condition of this lamp we can try to apply this lamp to completed our house space. So guys, don’t be hesitate to go to Daphna Isaacs site and see the real condition of these modern table lamps designs.

innovative table lamp shades designs

modern table lamps designs

unique porcelain lamp idea

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