Innovative Penthouse Designs with Uniquely Colorful Interior Ideas

colorful penthouse interior ideas

This innovative penthouse flooring system was become one of the main innovation that we can see in this penthouse series. That was look inspiring and gives us more landscape inspiration about a living space. the flooring system that provided by this living space was the little space inspiration since the placement or the location of this living space become the main invention that we can see, directly. Located on the rooftop space of the building, this penthouse was completed with huge rooftop terrace layouts that were uses as the resting and relaxing space for gathering with other. The colorful penthouse interior ideas of this place were the integration concept of the flooring space. As the real sample of the shiny and colorful penthouse applications, we were allowed to see both of these shiny minimalist kitchen space and transparent bathroom space landscaping in this site. It was applicable and we don’t have to be shy to apply the main concept of this penthouse. As the real landscape, now is our turn to see these uniquely penthouse house designs.[via]

huge rooftop terrace layouts

innovative penthouse flooring system

shiny minimalist kitchen space

uniquely penthouse house designs

transparent bathroom space landscaping

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