Innovative Laundry Basket Design

innovative laundry basket hamper

This innovative laundry basket hamper was designed from the most attractive designer in this world. The ideas were try to maximize the using of the wall space from a house. The composition between the design and the decoration in this wall furniture decoration will remind us with the egg shape of a gecko. The white coloring application in this wall decoration was try to accommodate the thematic style of the wall paint. Furthermore, this space saving laundry basket decor was presented for those who have small space for their house living space. The whole decoration here was tried to bring easiness for the user. If we see this product in one glance, we will think that this decoration was as usual decoration of a wall decal, but if we see in detail we will see that this bubble shape was use as a hamper for laundry. Other beneficial side of this wall decoration was the portable style. We can see that we can put it down if the space inside of this bubble shape was already full with the dirty clothes. Suitable for the apartment owner or those who have small home, they can try on these unique wall laundry basket ideas.{via}

unique wall laundry basket ideas

space saving laundry basket decor


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