Indian Look Cat Cardboard Home Design

artistic cardboard cat home design

These Indian look pet home plans were especially dedicated for those who have cat as their beloved pet in their home. The performance of this cat house was similar with Indian home so that the main construction of this home was a cone style. Using artistic application for the surrounded door of this cat pet home, we will get the complete layout of this home through the supporting style of the top side of this cone. Red color application was use to cover the top side of these innovative cat cardboard home ideas. This site was show up single cat home so that for those who have more than one cat, they have to have more than one of this pet home inspirations. As the complement furnishing for this house, we can add several bedding set for our pet. We can use such as soft fabricated for this home. One thing for sure was don’t insert food in this home especially liquid. Guys, your imagination will be completed by this artistic cardboard cat home design.[via]

innovative cat cardboard home ideas

indian look pet home plans

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