How to Freshen up a Dining Room

How to Freshen up a Dining Room

A dining room is often thought of more for its function than its aesthetics. However, it is a room that is utilized just as often as many other areas of a home, and should therefore feel just as stylistically satisfying. It can be easy to spice up dining spaces without dramatically altering the layout you have already chosen

Painting patterns onto walls can make a room more interesting without the need to redesign other aspects of the space. For bolder effects, use bright colors or outlines that pop. Even adding subdued stripes in neutral tones can be a positive addition to your preexisting dining elements.

Likewise, wallpaper is another alternative that can help create a distinct atmosphere in a dining space. Wallpaper can be faint and understated, leaving a soft impression, or it can be dark and daring. It can also be replaced, which allows for changing style preferences over time.

Adding crown molding to a ceiling can be a sophisticated way to add design features to a dining room. The contrast of painted walls with white molding and ceiling tiles can create a traditional vibe. You can create a modern twist with crown molding by pairing it with unexpected furniture and lighting choices.

These are just a few of the simple and effective ways that a dining room can be modified and updated. Implementing any of these ideas would freshen up a previously overlooked space.

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