How to Maximize Home Staircase Designs

multifunctional home staircase inspirations

These smart bookshelf staircase designs probably can be use as the guide pictures that will inspire our imagination to give the best decoration for our home space and make our home appliance have more than one function. Well, if we have a small home probably will be a little bit stress since we have to be smart and diligent to decorate and maintain our home space. Through this inspiration landscape view, we were being able to see the smart and simple design of home appliance that will transform into multifunctional appliance for our home.
1. Book staircase
This application was try to combine between staircase and bookshelf. Here, we can see the designer try to store their beloved book or their book collection into their staircase space. The books were place on the floor of the stairs and use as the wall space too. Specialize for this book stairs, the thing that we have to think were the material and the design since we have to know the real and fix size of our staircase space so that the side line will be maximized.
2. Home storage plans
Special design for this application, we can see the simple design of home storage system on the bottom side of the staircase. Covered with the closer, we can fill this storage with our private collection or our family room stuff. Say for example if we have kids, we can store their toys in this staircase storage.
3. Home display side
Through maximize our staircase side; we can make this space as our accommodation to show up our own collection. We can make this space being our space to display our home accessories or our space to show up our kid’s awards or our family photograph and never feeling shame to apply one of those inspirations guys.
Aware it or not, those entire multifunctional home staircase inspirations were give us so many inspiration to decorate our home appliance already. Started with the simple ideas, now we were already knew the how to maximize home staircase applications.[via]

smart bookshelf staircase designs

how to maximize home staircase applications

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