House in Budakeszi


Tamás Mórocz designed a house in the inner part of Budakeszi, Hungary.

The  settlement is characterized by buildings with pitched roofs perpendicular to the street; made often with  a porch  and  with  an  intimate garden beside and  at the back of the building. The neatness and the simple purity of the Swabian villages is a noticable feature of the settlement today.

The house is a transcription of a building with pitched roof and porch.  Houses of this kind connect to their environment through the side garden, hence the front door and the porch are on the side of building and the rooms are arranged alongside the porch.

The design of the building is based on this classical layout but in this case the porch has been transformed. The front door is placed in the extension which was added to the street front. The porch here is enclosed in the mass of the building and it withdraws as a subtraction from that mass and becomes a real open porch as we go towards the back.

It shelters from the street and unfolds in the direction of the garden.

The vision of the porch was used as a start-up and it was gradually transformed and partly disappeared during the design process. It got transformed before it could become a burden that defiles the building depriving it from its natural beauty.

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